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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  August 18, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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picture was taken, this man mercilessly killed that little girl. >> prince george's county chief police mark mgaw says there is no doubt he killed his daughter after this shootout with police. a autopsy found her throat has been slit and she was shot in the head. a bloody knife was found in williams car and the bullet couldn't have come from police. >> it was a close, close, cath wound, anyone -- contact wound. >> those details emerge as police continue to investigate the sequence of events which began at this port washington house saturday afternoon. police say miller who had been involved in a bitter custody battle shot and critically wounded the girls fraternal
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grandmother and grandfather. he shot at five officers and five including a state trooper opened fire, miller was killed and then police found the child in the car. >> i can't imagine that, how the family is dealing with the physical and emotional trauma of losing a 3 year old. >> her death means that 13 of the 33 murders in prince george's county this year, including now two 3-year-old girls on consecutive weekends are consecutive in nature, calling for action from angela alsobrooks and others. >> we literally could not be any more griefstricken than we are. >> as for those shot in the home, the great grandfather and great grandmother, we're told they are in critical but stable condition. brad bell, abc7 news. >> hard to imagine how that could get any worse. thank you for that report. >> a woman was killed this
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morning in landover just blocks away from where 3-year-old kinija bib was killed last week. the woman was found in her west stfore road home this morning and now residents are calling for change in their neighborhood. we'll have neighbors' reactions and hear from police who they believe is responsible for this latest crime. >> former governor bob mcdonnell's defense team started to present its case in richmond this morning and the first person on the stand presented a not so rosy picture of maureen mcdonnell. jeff goldberg is live from the courthouse with today's developments. >> court wrapping up just a few minutes ago. i'm going to look over my shoulder. i expect governor mcdonnell will be walking out of court momentarily. no testimony from him yet. we don't know when that will happen. the key witness for the defense saying that bob mcdonnell was a cheerleader for all virginia businesses and gave no special
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treatment to jonnie williams or star scientific. and that witness, janet kelly, said she didn't want to pile on maureen mcdonnell, and almost tiered -- teared up on the stand. the governor is not out yet, but looks like he is coming in this direction. janet kelly saying she did not want to pile on mohamed morsi, on maureen mcdonnell. >> this morning janet kelly did not say much. >> is it hard to be part of this? >> maybe we can talk afterwards. i'm not going to answer any questions. >> but once inside she offered a blistering critique of former first lady maureen mcdonnell. kellye, a long-time political loyalist to governor mcdonnell who was appointed as secretary of the commonwealth in 2010, calls maureen mcdonnell very difficult, very demanding, very divaish saying there were concerns she was suffering from mental illness.
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she testified that in january of 2012, the entire staff of the governors mansion signed a letter threatening to quit because of the first lady's behavior. maureen mcdonnell was path logically incapable of taking any spont. she spoke glowingly of her former boss saying he never asked her to hire or appoint anyone associated with jonnie williams calling him one of the best people i know, boy scout of the year, mr. honest. the former governor was eager to launch his defense. >> if you think i'm going to change the game when i present your side of the story? >> i think a lot of the truth has already come out but we look forward to being able to present our case. >> there you see him on the corner of north 7th street and east broad. governor mcdonnell walked out of the courtroom moments ago and he's been very cheerful and up beat walking in and out of the courtroom talking about how he
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is ready to take the stand. we heard from the secretaries of commerce and finance who corroborated what the former secretary of the commonwealth said, that governor mcdonnell made no financial requests on behalf of star scientific. that witness called the relationship between her and jonnie williams flirty and saying she would often take her anger out on the former governor. more on that at 6:00. jeff goldberg, abc7 news. >> the soap opera rolls on. let's talk about the weather here. a mild overcast monday kicking off the work week and some people could see some rain in the area. chief meteorologist doug hill with his first check of the forecast for the week for us. >> cloudy and a little sunshine here and there. most of the rain is south of the metro and it will stay there for tonight, but there will be chances the next couple days. 79 outside the belfort furniture weather center. let's take you1g 7ñ to the boark on rehoboth beach, delaware.
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temperatures in the upper 70's, a very comfortable afternoon. 82 reported at reagan national and at frederick. 82 in fredericksburg. 79 degrees washington dulles. the cloudiness over the area, most of the rain across southeast virginia. the outer banks, a lot of thunderstorms. take a look at the lightning history. the darker the color, the older the lightning strikes. everything light blue is fairly recent as the pockets move across the lower bay and the eastern portions of north carolina. for our area, partly to mostly cloudy. during the evening hours the weather will be ideal for the nats and the redskins game. >> major developments in ferguson, missouri today. more arrests as those protesters continue in the streets. the national guard is brought in to help try and keep people calm. this comes days after a police officer shot and killed a black teenager. scott thuman in our newsroom with the latest including what president obama just said
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moments ago about the increasing violence. >> he just wrapped up about ten minutes ago and seemed to sympathize with both sides of the debate. but ultimately he asked for understanding and an end to the violence. as we are seeing, even in the moments just before the president spoke, every bit of information that comes out is only heightening the tension. >> the concerns over a military feel in ferguson may only grow. the national guard being called in after one of the most violent nights yet with looting and arrests. this facebook posts, drowned out by those calling for action. >> i am accountable for his actions. >> president obama was briefed by attorney general holder. >> to a community in ferguson that is rightly hurting and looking for answers, let me call once again for us to seek some understanding rather than simply
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holler at each other. >> earlier monday the results of a second autopsy, this one by a legal team representing michael brown's family. >> they did not want to be left having to rely on the autopsy done by the same individuals they feel are responsible for killing their son in broad daylight. >> they claim officer wilson fired at least six shots. >> all these gunshot wounds were survivable except for the one at the top of the head. >> while the county corner's report is still concealed, one says it will find that he had marijuana in his system after robbing a convenience store. >> attorney general holder has said that investigators over see a third autopsy.
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it's not rare to have two, but a third one is rare. and we'll have more from president obama and why he says some people are actually hurting their own cause. that will be coming up tonight on abc7 news at 6:00. >> scott, we'll see you then. >> tonight, pope francis confirms that he wants to visit the united states next year on a three-city tour that includes washington. the pope is considering a september 2015 trip with a visit to philadelphia, that will be for a family rally. d.c., to address congress, and then new york city to speak at the united united nations. pope francis made the comments today while returning from to roam from south carolina. >> we have a great fan for sports fans tonight, not just commuters in this town. the nats are on a role and they are at -- a roll and they are at home, and the nats welcome the browns to the field for football. so that means traffic issues as
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fans file in to support both of the hometown teams. kendis gibson with a look at all that for us. >> i got to tell you things are moving shootly on the roads near nats -- smoothly on the roads near nats park. but it's early and the game doesn't start for a couple hours. some 41,000 fans expected at fedex field and some 80,000 fans, so that will mean a lot of problems. >> on any given day at any time of the day, the 12 miles of roads that separate fedex field and nats park can turn into a parking lot. so after the mix, rush hour traffic, a prime time preseason redskins game and a nats game with similar start times. >> it will probably horrendous. there's nothing you can do about that. ♪[ music ] >> this group of die-hard fans is always at the stadium on game days well before the parking lots open. today's traffic scenario, more motivation for them to arrive
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early. >> so we don't have to get out on the road and sit on 495 not moving. wouldn't you rather have a hot dog and chill out and talk football. >> on football game days aaa reports speeds on highways near fedex field slow an average of 57%. an impact that will be compounded by the nats crowds. nats park isn't known for attracting tailgaters buticz tonight's traffic has made some reexamine that concept for the matchup against the diamondbacks. >> that's why we're here. 2:30. [ laughter ] >> they sure got here quite early. get this, a.a.a. saying to expect some 20,000 car loads just for the football game. the good news, plenty of metro service tonight including metro staying open an hour later for fans trying to get home from the football game.
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kendis gibson, abc7 news. >> thanks kendis. folks we want to show you a live picture from the field out at the fedex field. horace holmes is there checking out the cheerleaders no doubt. he'll be here for us coming up in sports and he'll talk about how the players are feeling as we near the start of the regular season. >> he stepped out of the way so we could see the cheerleaders. >> also coming up tonight, just how expensive is it to raise a child these days? still ahead, the new number every parent needs to know. >> plus pole dancing on the ocean city boardwalk? is it legal? >> and the facebook messenger backlash. 7 on your side with the truth behind the new app. >> and what impact does the the influx of undocumented minors have
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>> a local medical center that treats undocumented children is seeing a costly surge in patients. >> so where does the money come from and how much longer can they keep up the care. suzanne kennedy live at the white house with this project immigration report for us. >> well alison, leon, federal
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authorities say 63,000 undocumented children have come into the united states, come across the u.s. southern border and been apprehended since last october. when they come here those children need help and some localagiancies are strug -- local agencies are struggling to keep up. >> 17-year-old sandra is one of thousands of unaccompanied minors who have come to the u.s. this year. this guatemalan immigrant is applying for help at mary center a nonprofit social service organization that in this case is offering healthcare. >> i feel healthy at this moment, but i need the vaccines because otherwise i won't be able to go to school. >> mary center has seen 500 kids this month when its doctors would normally see less than ten in that time. their exams are running around $800, more than twice their average exam fee. it's costing the organization $690,000, money they said they
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hadn't anticipated spending. >> we want to make sure that the federal government understands that even a federally qualified center like this does not have the means to take on this many children at one time. >> according to the federation for american immigration reform undocumented medical care costs $6 billion a year. they say the system is being overloaded by an influx of immigrants. >> local county officials, education officials are not being consulted except to be told, hey, people are here. you're going to have to deal with it. >> there will be a vigil held tonight at the white house to raise awareness to this issue with the hopes that federal authorities will reach out and help these agencies dealing with this crisis. reporting live in northwest washington, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. >> thank you, suzanne. virginia senator mark warner is
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demanding answers after an abc7 watchdog report dealing with hundreds of military cars not being delivered to militaries. the senator calls the inconvenience and the expense to military members who were separated from their cars for weeks and months unacceptable. he wants to know why international auto >> let's get you started here in rosslyn looking across the city. a bit of cloudiness across the area, and the rain coming up well to the south and southeast
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of the metro area. 82 at reagan national airport. dew point is 63. that's not high, but it will get a bit higher, especially with east/southeasterly winds bringing in moisture from the atlantic ocean. so it will be muggy, cloudy and unsettled. no rain in the bucket in luplato. where it's 72. 82 in silver spring. the farther south you go, more heavy cloudiness and eventually some rain. 82 at reagan national in fredericksburg. 79 in manassas. and 79 in annapolis. temperatures slowly dropping to the lower 80's to the 70's during the game. as far as fedex field weather, we have the kickoff at 8:00 tonight and temperatures should be in the upper 70's then. i don't think we'll see any rain chances there either. a cloudy comfortable night to be outders. -- outdoors.
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very hot and humid in will ming ton, north carolina. there's a frontal system spinning over maine. you can see a cold front coming back as a warm front and it is a stationary front with elements of low pressure moving along the front. this kind of gray look, you haven't lost the color in your set. this is water vapor image, and the brighter colors show the highest moisture content in the atmosphere. so running along this rine, the farther west you go, the more sunshine. the air is fairly dry. this front may oscillate a little bit and a few more areas of low pressure will develop and as a result we'll have a chance of showers. like tomorrow, there could be a few showers. but all the heavy stuff for now is to the south and southeast. virginia tide, outer banks, lots of heavy lightning and rain. in the morning we have shower
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chances in the afternoon a chance of showers. low to middle 80's, you see them ebb every now and again with a stationary front to the south. winds coming off the atlantic ocean. so rain chances every now and again. so there will be some isolated showers. 82-87 with isolated showers. the next seven days here's what we have for you. temperatures low to mid 80's with a 30% chance of showers tomorrow, and then we'll ramp up the chances as we go late wednesday into thursday with temperatures falling a bit. friday a bit of clearing over the weekend. kind of so-so. definitely an improvement over the weekend to over what we'll see over the next few days. >> not bad. >> best i can do on a monday. >> coming up, who put their money into their 401ks but didn't see it for weeks even months. 7 on your side with accusations
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with accusations against one local company. >> 7 on your side also, with why a new facebook app is causing a messenger backlash. >> here's a look at what's coming up tonight on abc7 primetime.
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>> 7 is on your side with important information about a big facebook change. no more sending private messages to your friends through your
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facebook app on your phone. >> you now have to use a different messenger app and that has people concerned about privacy. kris van cleave with the reaction to the change and the truth about this new app. >> app anger or facebook frustration, thousands of users are speaking out about concerns over privacy and the company's move to require you to download a second app to do something you used to be able to do already. >> he's saying no and he's not alone. the company is seeing widespread facebook frustration over their move to essentially force users who want to continue to use the popular messages feature, to install a separate app on their phones. >> my big concern is they're making it more complicated to use their products. >> facebook says the new messenger app will make it easier to share picture and videos and app. tammy downloaded it despite
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concern over how much information that's on your phone this messenger app can access. >> i don't understand why people are upset about it, because facebook is already accessing that information. >> it has the lowest rating in ple's app store, 1 one star. >> if it could get less than one star i think it would. >> people don't like it, they don't like to be forced to do anything whether it's for their good or not. i think facebook's position is you'll get used to it and you'll like it. sounds a lot like big brother and the d.m.v. >> tom bridge advises companies on technology and he's gotten a lot of questions on how invasive the new app is. >> i think there's a lot more people sick of facebook making changes than there are real concerns about privacy. >> messenger seeks permission to use the same types of information that the original facebook app does. if you're using an iphone you can tailor how much information
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county it to ac-- you want it to access. it's different for android. you can use the messaging feature on your web browser. >> okay. >> chris will give you a lesson later. >> good deal. coming up, did you see something good at the movies this summer? arch campbell is here with his favorites. >> it's an oaceus of calm -- oasis of commin -- of com in d.c. that story coming up. >> a toddler is killed and a week later a woman is murdered. i'm stephen tschida. in a moment i'll tell you why one community is
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>> you're watcng abc7 news at 5:00, on your side. >> another murder in prince george's county. a neighbor just feet away from the killing of a 3-year-old. >> a mother of two was found dead in her home on west forest road, just blocks from where a 3 year old was killed last week. stephen tschida with reaction from members of this stunned community. >> the 3-year-old little girl was shot and killed in a home just down the block. then this morning residents of this community were shocked to find out that inside this home, just a short distance away from where the little girl was killed, a young mother also had been murdered.
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>> they still are trying to come to terms with a violent outburst which claimed the life of toddler kanisha bi b. and now residents are dealing with another murder. >> i was there the day that little girl and it's senseless i have to be here on channel 7 for another baby killed. >> she dropped off the child at a babysitter and when she didn't come to get them, she dropped them off at the house this morning. they found her inside. >> i'm at a loss of words. >> this community is reeling from two killings in such close proximity. >> it's getting unsafe to even live around here. >> stay away from windows. keep my doors locked. a little girl got shot while she was in her house minding her
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business. >> while investigators comb the scene for clues, neighbors are deeply troubled. >> i went to bed at 12:00 and apparently she got home at 12:30, didn't hear anything. that's the thing that makes me kind of sad. yeah. >> we've learned that the babysitter actually was the grandmother. she came to the home this morning with two little boys, the sons of the victim. as far as the identity of the victim, prince george's county police are waiting to release that name. and as far as any suspects in this case, nothing to report there. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. >> thank you, stephen. let's take a look at the day's other top stories. the national guard is in missouri to help restore order as outrage continues to occur in ferguson.
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a preliminary private autopsy found michael brown was shot at least six times including twice in the head. attorney general eric holder is ordering a third autopsy on brown. president obama announced that holder will visit ferguson on wednesday and he condemned the violence and looting taking place there. we'll have more on the president's comments coming up on abc7 news at 6:00. >> the corruption trial of former virginia governor bob mcdonnell and his wife entered the fourth week today. the defense started presenting its case today. janet kelly, former secretary of the commonwealth spent the day on the stand and called the former governor one of the most honest men she knew, and said that maureen mcdonnell was difficult, very demanding and hard on the staff. >> a busy night ahead for the sports teams and fans in the area. rg3 and the redskins will take on johnny manziel and the cleveland browns at fedex field. and at the time in baseball the
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nats will be taking on the arizona diamondbacks at nats park. first pitch at 4:07 p.m. this is going to cause traffic issues for sure. bob immler has a look ahead for us from the wtop traffic center. >> on the inner loop beltway, slow out of tysons out of 270 and outer loop as well. we had a long-standing crash before shady grove. it's gone now, but the delays are with us. and yes a lot of traffic heading for fedex field as they get readied to play the redskins and cleveland browns at 8:00. so there's a lot of people going in that direction as well. they'll be heading to nats park getting downtown along 395 north and kenilworth south. now a new crash just before lorna. it's supposed to be on the left side of the roadway. volume delays from dale city toward dumfries. let's look at the beltway at river road. the crash on the inner loop just before river, but before that it
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is heavy 270 to 70 itself. that's the way it looks. bob immler in the wtop traffic center. >> thank you. >> an ocean city pole dancer is speaking out about her controversial boardwalk performances. chelsea plimale moved to ocean city from d.c. she had worked as an exotic dancer since she was 18. so when she couldn't find a job she thought to take her skills to the boardwalk. but her performances have drawn a lot of criticism she says she never expected. >> they can keep walking. they don't have to let their children watch me perform even though i'm completely tasteful. i don't dance around too much, i just do pole tricks. >> while she's within her rights to perform, many in ocean city are worried the boardwalk is becoming less and less family friendly. >> which explains why there's so
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many people who can't wait to get to the boardwalk this summer. >> one of the reasons. >> it's been a georgetown staple for 50 years but now mr. smith's is closing down. >> will the popular bar/restaurant have a future somewhere else? richard reeve has the story. >> it's a classic bar and restaurant. >> when you think of georgetown, you think think of this place. >> from its earthy wood tones to casual cool. >> we are the friendliest saloon in town. >> it's been part of georgetown for 50 years. >> this is where the cool people came back in the day. >> we're sad to see it go. >> but this m. street icon is shutting down. the manager says the boston-based landlord wants more money. 25 employees facing uncertainty the doors will close on or around september 1. >> it's hard for me, for all the employees. our head chef has been here for almost 30 years. >> so you'll forgive the patrons if they enjoy lunch with a side
5:37 pm
of nostalgia. >> the favorite part of the restaurant, the outdoor garden, kind of an oasis in the middle of a busy city. >> here there are memories but also character. >> all you see now are chain stores. we see them everywhere we go, but this one is unique. >> lots of fond memories running around, and going in the kitschuppen and trying -- kitchen and trying their foods and being a kid. >> but take heart, fans, they are looking for a new location in georgetown. >> we hopefully will continue to be "the friendliest saloon in town." >> and hopefully a new start for this georgetown landmark. >> it's locally owned. it's the local color. >> richard reeve, abc7 news. >> coming up on abc7 news at 5:00, parents start saving. hear how much it now costs to raise a child to the age of 18.
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>> so what did you like at the movies this summer?
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>> as students prepare to go back to school, summer is winding down and so is the
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summer movie season. >> what were your favorites this summer? arch campbell tells us his favorites and which ones reigned supreme. >> our summer movie season is kind of like our summer weather this year. not so hot, but more pleasant than usual. >> this is not war. it's human extinction. >> this summer's transformers reboot holds the title of summer movie box office so far with $243 million. >> i guess we're stuck together, partners. >> but coming fast on its heels is guardians of the galaxy, the hilarious star wars sendup, it rates as one of my summer favorites. >> ready for some fun? >> boyhood has received the best reviews of the year. 99% on rotten tomatoes. a story of a texas kid, follows him from age 6 to age 18. it took 12 years to film. i think boyhood will contend for
5:42 pm
the oscars next year. >> best musical of the summer?" get on up." it captures the spirit of his life and music. and the number one dvd movie rental? the lego movie, which started the year with awesomeness. what do you like this summer? this weekend you liked teenage mutant ninja turtles. >> this is brought to you by cirque du soleil at national harbor place, and i have a feeling the lego movie is in your future. >> i'm holding out. >> you have a 1-year-old at home. >> i like guardians of the galaxy and "boyhood". >> i can't believe it. >> i'm waiting for a movie called "gone girl." that's a little hint.
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>> thank you, arch. >> we'll see you soon. now we're gone, for a break at least. coming up next on abc7 news at& 5:00, the big change at
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>> if you have money taking out of your paycheck for your 401k, you expect it to go right into the market to start working for your retirement. >> but some local employees are alleging their company waited months to deposit their money and it cost them big time. joce sterman goes searching for answers in this 7 on your side report. >> employees say a sterling, virginia company has been keeping them in the dark. >> a lot of unanswered questions. >> for decades cleat wood has overseen a 75 employee base. >> but that money was missing from your check. it went somewhere. we know don't know where. >> -- we just don't know where. >> he saw deductions for his 401k, but that money didn't make it right into his retirement fund. after talking to his coworkers,
5:47 pm
wood believes x-plus took thousands in 401k money from dozens of employees' checks and held onto it, sometimes for months at a time. >> i understand that economics are bad and we're a niche industry with the museum fabrication, but i also understand that accounting has to be held accountable. >> it's joce sterman calling again with abc7. >> 7 on your side has tried to get answers. we called and e-mailed repeatedly. even going to the x-plus headquarters, but no one would talk to us. legal experts say though, companies with delayed deposits will have to explain them to the feds. >> there's a safe harbor. >> virginia benefits expert says there's a timeframe when money taken out has to be put into a 401k plan. >> there's a actual hard deadline of 15 days into the next month. that's not the rule. the rule is much shorter.
5:48 pm
>> for smaller companies like x-plus, he says money should make it into an account within seven days, but he and his coworkers saw delays as long as two months before a deposit. >> but that could mean trouble with the feds. cleatwood filed a complaint with the department of labor. the agency will not confirm whether they are investigating. >> i want to get some results for everyone at the company who has lost money on this. >> money lost when it was missing from the market. joce sterman, abc7 news. >> we were tipped off about this story from an abc7 viewer. so if you have a story for our 7 on your side team to investigate, just send an e-mail to >> a new survey by the site says 30% of americans are not saving for retirement. 14% are over the age of 65. most people blame their high cost of living and day to day
5:49 pm
expenses for that. on the opposite end of the spectrum. 32% of the people between ages 30-49 say they started saving when they were in their 20's. 16% started saving when they were in their 30's. >> looks like target is hoping to boost its bottom line by keeping some stores open until 11:00 p.m. on sundays and even 11:00 p.m. or midnight on other days. they are trying to compete with amazon and walmart, we're told, which are of course open 24 hours a day. >> things are shaping up to be dry so far for the start of the heavy sports evening we have planned in town. >> i think right now, we have the sunshine outside the belfort furniture weather center, but i think for most areas we'll see a bit of cloudiness tonight. and as i said the rain is far to the south. let's look at one of our weather bug cameras in annapolis looking at the scenic severn river.
5:50 pm
it will be partly to mostly cloudy tonight. 759 sunset. 81 in-fed. all the action for the day has been over virginia, north carolina. with heavy showers and storms, we're just on the northern side. but there is a frontal zone stationary to the south that may wobble and this computer model -- doesn't mean this will necessarily happen, but it will wobble overnight, possibly bringing showers for the morning. and then as we get into the day wednesday looks like more concentrated rain and showers and thunderstorms will move in from the west. so unsettled to say the least. through the day tomorrow, partly to mostly cloudy, low to mid-80's, southeasterly winds. a touch more humid tomorrow. and midday and afternoon tomorrow, the chances for scattered showers and thunderstorms will increase and the pattern will stay the same
5:51 pm
for thursday. finally a bit of improvement as we head through the day on friday. >> thanks so much. we have a lot going on in the sports department around here, and a good night for it. >> that's right. horace holmes is standing by at fedex field standing by for the redskins and the browns. >> i guess you would like to be out here leon. >> absolutely, you got it man. i wish. >> i could try to figure out what it's like to be leon harris for a day. it's the cleveland browns versus the washington redskins out here. but all the pregame hype has been over the pregame quarterbacks, johnny manziel for the browns and of course rg3 for the redskins. both heisman winners with a lot of similarities and a lot of interesting plot twists coming into this game. >> the might only be a preseason game but this monday night matchup will bring plenty of buzz to fedex field. all eyes will be on the two
5:52 pm
quarterbacks, robert griffin iii and johnny manziel. >> i'm sure if anybody wants to compare, they will say both of us are really fast. goes that can play backyard football and both want to win. >> they use their legs as well as their arms to make things happen. manziel sat down with monday night football's john gruden and gives plenty of props to rg3. >> you look at his transition coming from baylor and then hopping in and starting week one, it was pretty impressive. >> john is the older brother of head coach jay gruden. so while john is calling the game upstairs, jay will be under the microscope. >> john, he's going to be positive if he can, but if i do something that's out of line ignorant, i'm sure he'll call me on it. [ laughter ] >> to sprinkle in a little more drama, former offensive coordinator kyle shanahan makes his return as play caller. things didn't end well between he and mike shanahan.
5:53 pm
will it get awkward? >> it's not that kind of relationship that we won't talk. if i get a chance to see him and talk, i definitely will. >> the most important thing for the redskins this evening, get up to game speed and don't get bit by the injury but. >> be efficient, move the ball. score points, put points on the board. follow your assignments, do your assignments. no messy errors. >> for goodness sakes, stay healthy everybody. a very interesting game, it should be very exciting. rg3 is starting, johnny manziel will be starting in later. the kick off at 8:00. reporting live at fedex field, horace holmes, abc7 sports. back to you guys. >> wait a second. where's the update on the cheerleaders? we've been waiting on that. >> i'll get you johnny
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>> how much does it cost to raise a child these days? >> well parents brace yourselves for some sticker shock. greta kreuz with the numbers that are just out. >> most of us would say being a parents is priceless. still a new federal report out might surprise you. >> how much will you end up paying for the apple of your eye. the agricultural department's annual report finds the average cost of raising a child born last year to a middle income family is more than $245,000. adjusted for inflation, more than $304,000. the jones family of d.c. not surprised. >> when you need something you get it. you don't really add up the totals. but they're always growing and they always need something new. >> the number one cost is housing, 30% of the total, followed by child care and education at 18%, and food at 16%. and the report doesn't include the cost of pregnancy or
5:58 pm
college. >> it gives you something to really think about for your future and the future of where your children are going. >> compare this to 1960, when the cost about $25,000. child care expenses were negligible then because most mothers stayed home. daryl doesn't have kids yet, but if the numbers are true. >> i will ask for a raise now. >> parents with three or more kids spent 22% less per child, thanks to buying in bulk, shared bedrooms, and hand-me-downs. >> the last report found not surprisingly that teenagers are the most expensive. they eat more food and when they start driving the cost of transportation and insurance go way up. >> you're right about that. >> you know, right? >> painful report there greta, thank you. >> that's it for us on abc7 news at startsabc7 news at 6:00 right now. captioned by the national captioning institute
5:59 pm
>> live from the abc7 broadcast center, this is abc7 news at 6:00, on your side. [sirens blaring] >> the violence in ferguson, missouri simply cannot continue. that's the word from president obama today after another dangerous night has carried into the daylight hours. that state's governor has called on the national guard in hopes of regaining order there. >> senior political reporter scott thuman is live in our newsroom with what the president is doing and he also has new details on this shooting. >> it is big enough that the president only talked of two subjects today, iraq and ferguson. in fact he's sundaying attorney general eric holder to talk to the dozens of f.b.i. agents going door to door to hear witness accounts. >> the fight in ferguson, missouri top priority for president obama who returned from vacation briefly to among other things meet with attorney
6:00 pm
general eric holder. >> i understand the passions and anger that arise over the death of michael brown. giving into that anger by looting or carrying guns, and even attacking the police, only serves to raise tensions and stir chaos. >> flaming tensions, autopsy results from michael brown's family attorneys. >> at least six, at least six shots. could be more, but at least six. >> they claim it's a civil rights violation and police officer daryl wilson seen here, should be arrested. >> really, never as far as i recall, has the president of the united states gotten involved. >> meanwhile the national guard has moved in tasked with keeping the peace after an exceptionally violent night which saw gunshots, looting and vandalism and more turmoil this afternoon. police arresting protesters who allegedly wouldn't obey orders. the president saying he'll pursue justice but can't condone what he's seeing


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